The Southeast Adams County Joint Comprehensive Plan

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   This plan was developed by and for Germany Township, Union Township & Littlestown Borough as a means to manage growth in the region. During the development of the Joint Comprehensive Plan, input was derived from household questionnaires sent out to many of the regions residents as well as telephone interviews of residents. With the assistance of the Adams County Office of Planning & Development, a steering committee, consisting of officials from each participating municipality, worked for several years to create The Southeast Adams County Joint Comprehensive Plan. The plan, in compliance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, is a living document used to coordinate infrastructure planning, water & sewer, housing, open space, community facilities, and future land use within the three governed areas.

   Consisting mainly of rural landscape, Germany Township actively pursued policies for land use within its boundaries. By planning jointly, the township allows allocation of land uses, housing types, densities, and development patterns over the entire region, rather than trying to fit all types of uses and densities into its boundaries. Many benefits may be achieved by planning jointly. The plan allocates areas so as not to adversely affect agricultural preservation. A coordinated effort was placed on transportation planning and the establishment of designated growth areas including commercial development and economic development.

   The plan contains multiple sections covering population and housing characteristics, agricultural resources, natural and historic resources and more and was adopted by the three municipalities, Germany Township, Union Township & Littlestown Borough in 2009.

   The full Southeast Adams County Joint Comprehensive Plan is available for download, including the many associated and detailed maps.

Joint Comprehensive Plan

Supporting Maps:

Aerial Photography map.

Agricultural Protection Status map.

Community Facilities map.

Conceptual Pedestrian Concepts (Transportation Plan) map.

Existing Land Use map.

Functional Classification & Two-Way Average Daily Traffic map.

Future Land Use map.

Geological Formations & Median Groundwater Yield in Gallons Per Minute map.

Natural Resource Preservation Plan map.

Sanitary Sewer System map.

Transportation Plan Concepts map.

Transportation Plan Loop System map.

Water Related Features map.

Water Service Area map.

Woodlands & Conservation Easements map.